Lady Waks! International superstar DJ, producer, Radio presenter, artist, Photographer, clothing designer, Record label owner, business woman... To describe Lady Waks as ground breaking is an understatement. #FromRussiaWithBass

She was the first woman of all time to win the prestigious 'Best DJ' at the Breakspoll Awards. Not once, but 3 times. Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Waks is one of the most internationally recognised touring DJ's from her home country. Whilst she has cemented her popularity and importance in Russia by creating events like In Beat We Trust & Breaks Arena which have showcased her own talent and spring boarded countless amounts of international DJ's, she is also in high demand around the world and has toured from Canada to Cambodia & New Zealand to the Netherlands.

Lady Waks: "With UDG anytime and anywhere they know exactly what we need!".
Lady Waks: "С UDG везде и всегда, они знают, что нам нужно!"

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