OEM Products

UDG GEAR designs and develops high quality and stylish OEM backpacks, trollyes, laptop bags, headphone cases, controller cases and any other type of bag or case. UDG has become known for designing and producing high quality products that incorporate unique combinations of materials and progressive manufacturing processes. UDG offers technologies and access to a talented design and production team that makes your products stand out. If you are interested in UDG developing a custom line email us at: sales[at]udggear.com

The OEM process: UDG can customize a single product or a full line of products. We are marketing specialists, and as such we work closely with our customers to learn how to best incorporate your brand strengths into customized products. We make available to our OEM customers our unique product features, design philosophies and products that stand out from the otherwise average bags and cases on the market.

Because of the high quality of our products and the outstanding reputation UDG has since it’s start in 2000 building products for industry professionals, our products are a great representation for companies, events, DJ’s and music industry professionals.

On this page you will find a few of the product we have customized for a wide range of companies.