Andres "Wask" Salinas is the Creator and founder of the #1 DJ School in Chile: established in 1998. He is, alongside Juan Atkins and Ron Johnson, partner in one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world DEMC (Detroit Electronic Music Conference). He has his radio show “Wask en el aire” (2001 radiozero & Carolina) and a weekly radioshow at DEEP SPACE RADIO (DETROIT, USA).

He is product specialist for Native Instruments, Model1 and Antelope Audio. From 1995 to 2000 he was the first label manager dance in Chile working for BMG and SONYMUSIC. He released more than 40 compilations and now he are working with his own label: DNW RECORDS with over 400 releases.

Wask won HEINEKEN THIRST with his band FREAKY GROOVE (Liveact Show) recognized by famous DJ’s like Tiesto and he was Ballantines Pulse winner, Discam, and more.

Wask: "UDG has accompanied me throughout my career, protected my ‘tools' that give life to my gigs and live acts".

Wask: "UDG me ha acompañado durante mi carrera para proteger todas mis herramientas que dan vida a mis gigs y liveacts".

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