Real name Nick Rotteveel, Nicky Romero was born January 6, 1989 in the small city of Amerongen, Holland. A keen interest in the drums and an early career spinning house and R&B quickly evolved into an unbridled passion for music production, with early releases (picked up by boutique outfit Once Records) catching the attention of some of the more established house music labels, such as Spinnin’, Fly Eye, Toolroom and Flamingo Recordings. As Nicky worked on honing his own exclusive sound—a seductive blend of progressive house tinged with electro and acid— 2010 saw him release an unofficial bootleg of David Guetta’s smash hit ‘When Love Takes Over’ to the online world; a move which would shape his entire career.

Nicky Romero: "I love the UDG Creator Series".

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